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Charlottes Charm on Etsy

When one works in commercial advertising, work tends to become repetitive. After coding web pages all week, creating and testing e-mails, and re-sizing an old print ad for another three publications the soul will begin to wither. Thus, when you see your friends on the weekend and one mentions they’re starting an Etsy shop and they’d like you to make a cute little logo it can be difficult to hide your excitement. You force back the tears of joy because designing awesome logos is what you dreamed of doing when you studied graphic design way back in school.

I usually start logo projects like this by looking for typefaces, as the typeface is where a majority of the personality comes from. I end up with as many as twenty typefaces I like, then I compare them and refine my choices down to two or three. After playing around with my refined choices a little bit in Adobe Illustrator I finally settled on the Alex Brush Font because I really liked the flow of the letters. I also discovered that two capital letter”C’s” could be easily turned into a cute owl face with a heart-shaped beak. The Etsy shop sells home made baby cloths, so this cute little logo fit perfectly!

Now that it’s finished you should check out Charlotte’s Charm on Etsy.

logoConcept_CharlottesCharm_Dark ColorlogoConcept_CharlottesCharm_White Color logoConcept_CharlottesCharm_Black and White
logoConcept_CharlottesCharm_Light Color


An avatar made out of the logo


Etsy banner


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  1. John Baerett

    Hello, I have a question. This user on the platform steam wanted to buy a virtual product that is valued at 45 USD, and was supposedly you. My question is, is this really you? Thank you.

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