“Los Soldaditos de Jesus” Adventurer Club T-Shirt Design

Adventurer Club T-Shirt for Spanish Fort Washington Seventh-day Adventist Church

This was a simple project for Spanish Fort Washington Seventh-day Adventist Church’s Adventurer Club. The leader approached me about making a design and my first task was to convince her that the club needs a real name. I told her, and the other club leaders present, that in order to make a really cool t-shirt design they need to be called something more interesting that “Spanish Fort Washington Adventurer Club.” They brainstormed and came back with the name “Los Soldaditos de Jesus,” which translates to “Little Soldiers of Jesus.” From there it was easy to create and awesome t-shirt based on the new name.

The final design was printed on blue shirts for the adult leaders and yellow shirts for the children (apparently the color choice was a genius ploy to make little children easier to track).

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