LI-COR Biotechnology Home Page Redesign

LI-COR Bio Home Page Redesign holding iPad mockup

The LI-COR Biotechnology home page was long overdue a visual upgrade. Though it had served its purpose for some time it had become dated, was confusing to navigate, and didn’t adequately display LI-COR’s most important content. I was given the task and Immediately set to mocking up ideas for a modern, simple layout.

The design that was settled upon was very clean. The home page opens with four very large hero features. By using some clever CSS I was able to shrink the last three of the four into smaller features on the side. With a smidgen of jQuery the features are randomized so that a different feature is large each time the page is loaded. The finishing touch to this special design were a number of smooth, subtle hover effects for the various links on the page for added emphasis.

  • LI-COR Biotech Home 2014 Stripping Buffer

    Slide advertising stripping buffer preparation service

  • LI-COR Biotech Home 2014 Chameleon

    Slide advertising Chameleon Pre-Stained Protein Ladders

  • LI-COR Biotech Home 2014 Quantitative IR Westerns

    Slide advertising LI-COR’s Quantitative IR Westerns

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