Blue Charcoal Grill

I was excited to be brought in to the Blue Charcoal Grill project early in the process of planning the business. Blue Charcoal Grill was being a new restaurant being opened in the Bronx, a grill that serves specialty fresh grilled foods in a fast-casual style.

Since this was a grill I decided a slightly grungy look was appropriate. The color scheme was a simple flaming orange and a charcoal blue, and my font of choice for the branding was Local Brewery.

Once the menu items were nearing completion we had gorgeous photos of the food taken by Lin Kerbs which I was able to use across all promotional material

While the business was being pulled together I was working on the brand and business card design ans as they were about to launch I was designing their menus and putting the final touches on their web site.

On top of designing the printed menu I had my first opportunity to design digital menu boards. There were three menu boards in a row, and two of them were set up as slideshows rotating the featured food items and keeping it fresh!

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