Pathfinder’s Investiture Achievement Curriculum Design

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One of my favorite projects while working at AdventSource was a complete redesign of the official Pathfinder curriculum. Pathfinders is an institution for youth ages 10 and up, similar to Boy Scouts, and founded by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in 1950. Their previous learning curriculum was nearly 20 years old and filled with large amounts of reading, writing, and memorization. The new curriculum was rewritten to be smaller, incorporate Pathfinder honors, and cater to a wide variety of learning styles.

As I brainstormed in the beginning I came up with an idea to have a grid all throughout the journals. This grid would be useful for writing, drawing, graphing, scrapbooking, and many other things the youth would do inside of the journals. Some parts of the curriculum added the opportunity to create a graph or diagram that the young person could have fun filling out in their own style. This layout to the left has a section about healthy eating with an empty “MyPlate” diagram in which the user may draw their own food.

In more advanced levels there were even more complex diagrams like this one. In this layout I created an activity for the student to record the number of hours they spend throughout three days in various activities and then turn that data into a colorful pie chart. Another related activity is for them to track their financial spending.

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