Jerry’s Realty Brand & Web Design

Jerry’s Realty is the local business of the licensed real estate broker Efrain Jeremias. Jerry’s realty sought to boost their brand and public visibility by creating a top notch business web site.

Brand Design

Winning Logo

I gave the client three design options for a new logo and this one was the winner.

Thin Line Alternate

This style was a little too feminine for the client.

Classic Update

This version was a more sensible update to the logo another designer had created for my client recently.

Jerry's Realty old logo design

Jerry’s Realty old logo design

Letterhead Design

Jerry’s Realty needed a new letterhead with updated branding and a matching document where they would keep an updated table of available rentals. I utilized my advanced Microsoft Office skills and created a letterhead in Microsoft Word as well as the rentals list with a stylized, embedded Excel spreadsheet.

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