LI-COR LI-8100App

LI-8100App Nexus 5 Mockup

For use with the LI-8100A Soil Flux Analyzer

It had been two years since I designed the LI-8100App for iOS (right). When the time came for me to design the Android version,I was very excited. This was a fresh opportunity to make a great app for our customers, and my first time designing an Android application.

The Icon

The icon’s design is based off the look of the LI-8100A itself, which has a durable bright yellow case. Because the icon was for Android I had more liberty in the shape of the icon, allowing me to make it more realistic than its iOS counterpart.

LI-COR LI-8100App iOS Icons

Original app icons I created for the iOS version of the LI-8100App

Android LI-8100App Icons

The User Interface

I designed a new icons based on a pixel-perfect vector grid in illustrator, a new technique I learned from .NET Magazine.

I also created a splash screen, subtle app background, and multiple button states.


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