LI-COR C-DiGit “Replacing Film” Campaign

C-DiGit Replacing Film Magazine Ad Mock Up

The LI-COR marketing team is testing the waters with a new advertising strategy for the C-DiGit Blot Scanner. This new campaign utilizes social proof from a lab spotlight to promote the C-DiGit as an alternative to traditional film. As a result I rapidly assembled this detailed ad concept, with the help of one of our resident scientists.

The imagery I developed to accompany the social proof reinforces the claim that is made textually by showing a film western blot laying on top of an iPad Mini with the same blot in digital form on the screen. The genuine comparison shows that film and digital western blots are identical. The comparison also hints at the major advantage of digital western blots, digital cataloging.

After a first draft of the ad was met with mixed feelings by the team I created this rough sketch to show them before I created a new concept.

Web Pages

The ad is first featured in the June issue of The Scientist in 2015 and was featured in other relevant scientific publications throughout the following year. Those who follow the link in the ad will find themselves at a matching landing page where they may register to win their own C-DiGit Blot Scanner.

During the time LI-COR runs the C-DiGit give-away there was also a feature on the LI-COR landing page.

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