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A new strategy for old software

For many years it had been named FV8100, the official file viewer for the LI-8100A Soil CO₂ Flux Analyzer. A decision to release the software to the public for use with other soil gas analyzers, and on all desktop operating systems, posed the perfect opportunity to update its brand.

Brand for FV8100, before it was turned into SoilFluxPRO.

Brand for FV8100, before it was turned into SoilFluxPRO.

The New Brand

A great deal of time was spent deciding what to name the software. At LI-COR such decisions must pass through scientists, engineers, product managers, marketers, and designers. After several rounds of brainstorming and deliberation we agreed on the name SoilFluxPRO™, and moved to design a logo.

I began by brainstorming the logo, sketching out lots of ideas, and finally settling on one that captured the essence of flux analysis; a focus on the movement of air from the soil into the atmosphere. I was surprised when this, the only logo design option presented, was accepted without objection.

The User Interface

Next came the full set of icons for the user interface and application icons. My first round of icons were thin and stylized. After testing and speaking with the developer it was decided that high contrast icons were a better choice. This full set of icons was used in the final product. Each icon was carefully crafted to be high contrast and clear at sizes large and small. All of the icons are based upon the style of the Material Design icon set, but have my own stylized coloring based on the brand of the product and LI-COR.


Once all of these pieces were completed the icons were implemented in the user interface and the logo used as the application icon. The result was a polished, colorful user interface and an attractive, recognizable application icon to match.

Product Web Design

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