The Union College Spring Banquet 2010

Union Airways ASB Banquet Poster

A Spring Banquet Honoring Pearl Harbor

During the time that I was a Executive Marketing Communication Officer in the Union College student government I had the exciting opportunity to design a poster to advertise the school’s spring banquet. The theme was 1950’s aviation, and would be held at the Strategic Air and Space Museum, among many museum planes of the period. This theme drove the style of my poster as well as the design of the banquet’s tickets.

Banquet Tickets

Real 1960s Airplane Ticket

Upon finding this awesome example of a retro airplane ticket I had an idea for how to design the spring banquet tickets.

Spring Banquet Ticket Design

I based the banquet’s ticket layout off that of the retro ticket, added some color, and incorporated elements from the poster to complete the theme.

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